Carrol Sonie Tired Of Trending

Carrol Sonie is tired of being on various gossip avenues. I thought this publicity is good to any celebrity. For her,it’s not the case.

Many have been speculating about Mulamwah and Caroll Sonie break-up reason. None of the two have come out clearly to share more about the whole Issue. However, Mulamwah revealed that he couldn’t just walk away. For the sake of Sonie brand,he won’t share what made him walk away.

The mother of one has now warned people against speaking about her. Specifically those peddling lies that Keilah Oyando is not Mulamwah’s kid. Something that is making her mad. Relatives calling in severally to inquire if what they read or hear is true.

To set the records straight,Carrol holds it that Keilah is Mulamwah’s baby and people should stop spreading rumours.

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