Monday, May 29, 2023

CS Fred Matiang’i Rolls Out Digital Number Plates

Interior CS Fred Mating’i has today launched new digital number plates. The new number plates will help law enforcing agencies to trace car owners hence curbing crime and fraud.

The plates are linked to the vehicle chassis number with several inbuilt security features that are easily identifiable to law enforcement and comply with international standards.


Kenyans will be required to pay Ksh.3000 to replace the old number plates.This applies to motorbikes and tuk tuks. The government has given out 18 months for everyone to comply.

Commissioning of the new generation number plates marks a historic moment in securitizing vehicle registration by eliminating loopholes exploited by financial fraudsters and unscrupulous motor vehicle importers.Issuance of new plates will begin with newly registered vehicles from the KDK series and replacement of existing ones to start from 1st October 2022.


Digital Number Plates

Digital Number Plates


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