Friday, December 8, 2023

Diamond Platnumz Confirms Break-up with Zuchu

Diamond Platnumz has revealed breakup news with Zuchu. Something that has elicited mixed reactions from their fans.

The father of four says the two are now a brother and a sister. This brings a stop to their year-long allegedly rumoured relationship. The two on many occasions denied dating but, their actions proved otherwise.

“Together with Zuhura (Zuchu), we would like to tell you that now we are like brother and sister and not like before when most of you thought or knew we were lovers,” shared Diamond Platnumz.

Zuchu recently shared their picture on her gram writing bride on the caption . However, things have changed and she doesn’t want to be ragged alongside her boss.

“Don’t tag me in his bullshit. I am single for now going forward. Thank you,” Zuchu warned.

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Dex Antikua
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