Diana Marua YouTube Channel Is Back

Diana Marua YouTube channel news 👇

Seems people are working round the clock to have Diana Marua YouTube channel back. The efforts are paying off.

Bahati shared today updates regarding to the progress in recovering the channel. The singer shared that the hackers wanted the channel deleted permanently from the platform. They have successfully recovered the channel but the videos are missing.

The Queen is almost Back!!! We thank God for the Progress 🙏 Unfortunately Some People Cannot See the Content but the @Youtube Team as Promised to Re – Store Everything Soon!

The Hacker had Targeted to Make Sure the Channel is Permanently Deleted that’s Why it’s Taking So Much Time to Re store Everything; but We have Faith all Will be Well in Jesus Name 🙏


Rapper Diana B was elated by her husband efforts to regain control of her YouTube.

Yaaaaaasssss Honnneeeeyyyy ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Babe, my support system…. My life is peaceful and blooming with you in it. All I’ve done is chill and let your take control 😂😍 STAY FOREVER @BAHATIKENYA I LOVE YOU.

In a separate post, Diana revealed how the hacker deleted her videos. Posting content that violates YouTube guidelines and that’s how her channel was flagged.

Some Good News! My YouTube channel is almost Back 😭😭😭 Unfortunately the Hacker had Deleted Several Videos and Changed the Name to ARK INVEST which used My Channel to post Content that Violates YouTube Guidelines and immediately I was Flagged off as a User. Deleted 😭😭😭 I want to thank the @youtube Team for your quick Intervention and efforts to Make Sure I do not Loose My Content and Subscribers. Thank you Ngomma VAS and My Fans for your Prayers 🙏 If You Scroll through the already restored Videos You will Notice I have Lost Thousands of Comments which I hope will be back Soon 😢 We are in the process of getting the Channel back to my official Brand Name DIANA BAHATI. Again, Thank you all for your encouraging & kind words, the Enemy might delay us but can’t Deny us of Our God Given Blessings.Will keep you posted. I love you all. Goodnight 😘

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