Faith Stan Breakthrough Song And Album News

Faith Stan musician

Faith Stan has been in the game for 6 years. Nobody knew her until last year when her song Jirani blew. She was confident about the song being her breakthrough in the much competitive industry. All the years she had concentrated her super vocals in RnB genre,unfortunately the Kenyan audience wasn’t much ready for that type of music.

Jirani being her biggest breakthrough song landed her a remix with Timmy Tdat. The feedback was massive and her fanbase is now growing rapidly.

Faith Stan has revealed to Mwikali of Full Circle show at Switch Tv,about her album. The album will consist of 8 songs inclusive some collabos from the country. Thanks to Forever Young Kenya,who is is a renowned video director in Gusii land,for being her pillar. He has helped him in maneuvering in the male dominated industry. Forever Young who is also a rapper,directs the Eastern Tigress videos and makes sure they are up to standard.

The Afro pop singer has been releasing songs back to back infusing with bits of Kisii lyrics. She has dropped a number of benga tunes too.

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