Jaguar Deported From USA

Jaguar Deported

Jaguar explains events sorounding his deportation 👇

It’s strange to hear that Jaguar was once deported from the US. You see, in Kenya when a foreign song trends here, what follows is to flow the particular artist in despite where they come from. Not only Konshens likes the Kenyan Vibe, many artistes like Kenyan fans energy.

Jaguar got an invitation to USA from a person from his inner circle. He had affirmed them that he an artist. Getting a US Visa is one the most hardest thing in the world to get. Luckily he secured one and he was good to go.

On landing in the US, that’s how his life in the USA was short-lived. He was deported since he had no money that would sustain him Incase the host didn’t turn up. On that simple yet serious issue, Jaguar was deported back.

However, he never gave up. Went again to the embassy and told them he needed a visa. His mission was to go to promote his music. Lady luck was on his side. He got the visa and he was in the USA. Surprising nobody knew about the then rapper. He couldn’t get gigs. His counterparts Klepto and Nameless were big.

Instead of coming back home, he decided to hustle. Making 10 dollars an hour wasn’t enough for him to stick for one job. He was working for 18 hours a day. One notable job he was involved in was sweeping. He made a million Kenya shillings and come back home.

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