Thursday, November 30, 2023

Jovial Worried Why Kenya Men Prefer Kids Than Marriage

Singer Jovial has revealed that many Kenyan men prefer having kids instead of marrying. According to her, those who opt to marry , they don’t do the official one.

She says Kenyan men like come-we-stay type of relationship which they presume to be marriage. The downside of it is that the relationship ends anytime. Jovial says unless it’s official and a ring is involved, she should be referred as a girlfriend and not wife.

The Pakua singer says she is well traveled and she has observed one thing lacking in Kenya. She draws an example of our neighbouring countries where there are many bridal shops. She believes many people getting into marriage have triggered the number of bridal businesses.

“There are only two bridal shops in Kenya. Business is bad since people are not getting married,” she said.

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Dex Antikua
Dex Antikua
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