Kanini Kega Spills Beans Why Raila Lost The General Elections

EALA legislature Kanini Kega has revealed the reason why Raila Odinga lost the 2022 general elections. Speaking in Mahi Mahiu, Kanini said it was not easy to campaign for Raila Odinga to the rich voting block of the central region.

“I tried pushing that guy (Raila Odinga) to Mt. Kenya region voters but we both failed to win,”said Kanini Kega.

Speaking about the ongoing anti-government protests,Kanini said the opposition led by Raila Odinga are now shifting their agendas to economic sabotage.

The former Member of Parliament urged former president Uhuru Kenyatta to give President Ruto a humble time to steer the country to prosperity. Adding that for the 20 years Uhuru has been in politics, Ruto supported him for 15 years.

Kenyatta and Kanini have been in a legal battle over Jubilee Party leadership.

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