Kenyan Celebrities Working On E-Sir Tribute Song

E-sir tribute song

Various celebrities and artistes are on the process of composing a song for departed legend E-Sir. The artists are drawn from the older generation to the current one.

The artists are seen in what is supposed to be a video shoot location. Some holding bandanas of E-Sir image. They include Wyre,Nameless, Nyashinski,Wahu,Mr Lenny,Big Pin and Juacali. Trio Mio who is greatly compared with E-Sir is also part of the project. Gengetone group Onchungulo is also part of the tribute song.

Media personality Talia Oyando,who was so close to the mos mos singer is also part of the song. The two worked on Hamnitishi jam.

Issa Mmari Wangui who faced his death in a grisly accident was ahead of his time. He died os pot on Nakuru – Nairobi highway. They had finished performing at club Dimples in Nakuru together with Nameless. He is remembered annually on 16th March especially with his closest friends, Nameless and Wahu.

E-Sir died at 21 years and 18 years later, Kenyan artists have decided to compose a song in his honour.

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