Khaligraph Jones To Contest For This Elective Seat

Khaligraph Jones real name Brian Ouko Omollo has made shared his future plans to seek people’s mandate to hold a public office. The 32-year-old rapper might be making a stab at the top seat in the country. Though he doesn’t make it clear when he wants to make the move and dive into politics, Khali will surely be going after the presidential seat when the right time comes.

This comes up during a sit-down with Mzazi Tuva over his stand in performing in election gigs. As popularly known by his fans, Papa Jones always conceals his political preference to avoid clashing with his fan’s political stands. This helps him not to divide his fans and also avoid being misjudged. Another aspect is beef, which might hinder him from performing in some places.

politics is sensitive

Now it’s clear to Khaligraph Jones that he can’t do a political gig. This is from way back from previous elections in Kenya. Though political gigs have big cheques, the opaqueness in the transaction pisses the rapper. He compares how Gigi gidi Maji Maji made money back in 2002 is different from how artists are paid lately. Nowadays artists get money from third parties or brokers. The mbona rapper wishes the artist get to transact the business with the client one on one.

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