Kindiki Shuns One Man One Vote Campaign

Proponents of the man-vote-shilling mantra neither understand its implications for Kenya’s future, nor do they fathom its long term impact on the parts of Kenya they purport will benefit from it.

The cliché is neither a scientific principle nor is it an economic model of any kind. It is a mantra picked from casual banter and will fall flat when juxtaposed with the constitutional ideals and values upon which our nation is founded.

Every part of Kenya is entitled to prosperity not alone or at the expense of any other part of Kenya but rather, as part of the whole. The destiny and success of Kenya is inextricably linked to the destiny and success of each part of Kenya. One Nation, one Flag, one People.

At its best, the man-vote-shilling slogan is sexist against women.

The Constitution uses the term “person” and applies the pronouns “he” or “she” together in one sentence.

As a purported principle of resource allocation, the framers of the Constitution of Kenya rejected it for its potential to fuel sectional interests to the detriment of the Nation as an indivisible whole.

Instead, a win-win framework was upheld in article 203 of the Constitution by which the principles of equality, equity and affirmative action are balanced to forge a resource allocation outcome that advances national unity, cohesion and a sense of belonging to everyone who calls Kenya their homeland.

In sharing our national wealth, the Constitution obliges us to consider “economic  disparities within and among counties and the need to remedy them”, and  “the need for affirmative action in respect of disadvantaged areas or groups”.

One Nation, one Flag, one People.

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