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L-Jay Maasai Down To Depression

Singer L-Jay Maasai has come out to share with the world how his life is in shambles. Sharing on his Facebook account how depression took a better part of him. Affecting not only his life but also career. Things have not been working out and the award winning artiste had suicidal thoughts.

It is definately VERY DIFFICULT for me to sit and write this, because I do not know of the repucations it will bring towards myself both in my personal life and as a public figure. However, after taking time off it has been many weeks of thinking and reflecting. I have really struggled to nurse myself through a long period of DEPRESSION and confusion over my life and career. Yes depression is real, and I am not going to be afraid to say or talk about it because I’ve almost lost my life. I have had suicidal thoughts and even took it to intoxication to releif stress and anxiety.
I have lost many that I believed were my true friends mainly because I was no longer in the same status as before, booked for gigs and at least had float (money) to spend. I lost people that I believed were my true and closest friends. Call it betrayal or their luck of loyalty.

Among the things that the singer has opened up, is that of leaving gospel music. I personally think this is where the rain started beating him. Things went bad for El Shapa to the extend of closing up his label. Once you are broke things won’t be smooth as usual. This was evident to L-Jay. His has had two breakups back to back.

I lost everything including my drive and determination. Nothing made sense to me. I became rebellious even towards my own beloved mother that has seen me through thick and thin. At this point I realized that even some specific members of my larger family did not want the best for me and we’re gossiping and demeaning me. many have shown that they were/are happy and actually embrace; perhaps my downfall.
Due to mental instability I could not even keep up with my relationships and fell out of two (one after the other) that I believed in Soo much. Yes, I lost those that I believed were my life partners. I fell out with artists working with me under my label and even ended up with a shut down of the label, all because I could not even handle myself.

L-Jay Maasai believes things will work out for the better. After self reflection and realization, the singer has promised to bounce back

When Corona hit, I found myself house hopping severally, too stressed to stay alone not to mention the landlords dues. My vehicle parked for months, where is the fuel?
No upkeep, no peace, there has been nothing but favours from a few Samaritan’s. I’m the kind of a person that doesn’t talk much and that prefer to deal with issues on my own, I never really open up I keep things to myself no matter the situation.
It has been a rough season for me. I cannot even write it all down melted in emotion.
Many have asked why I left the Gospel industry, let me make it clear today that I did NOT leave Gospel, I left the industry but God is still my number one, I will sing and praise His Name every day of my life because I’m the only one who understands where He has brought me from. Through Prayer, fasting and self realisation I have discovered new directions that I did not see before.
When I took a break I lost my Facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts. I was hacked I’ve only managed to recover Facebook and twitter. Instagram? I have not been able to recover. Any help is welcome.
In the midst of all this I can’t even explain the intensity of the Passion, determination and burning urge that has come over me. I have a whole new conviction, new energy and spirit to WORK harder than ever before.
For those that know me, Ljay Maasai is not lazy and I believe in Gods favour, He’s anointing and sufficient support this year and the future at large will be a great new chapter and season wholesomely.
Let me Thank Victor (Royal Music), AntiVirus Av, Kevin Mutia, My sister Sandra, my step Dad Edward Freeman, and of course my mother for always believing in me and keeping me encouraged regardless! and a few friends that always checked on me and gave me hope through the roughest time of my life. Even if i ignored your calls, texts, you still understood me and never gave up on me. This year my phone will always be open to receive your calls and texts. I have truely known my real friends and family. You’ve believed in me through the toughest times even when I thought I was a nobody. I was reminded of greatness Daily. Thank you!!!
2022 is here… Eric Omondi said that Kenyan artists are asleep and not working hard enough, I concide with that but moreso I’m about to change that!

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