Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Mnikome By Willy Paul

Willy Paul released Mnikome/Gademit song a fortnight ago. The song was aimed majorly towards Bahati and his wife. Unfortunately the song is no longer available on youtube. However,we got you covered. This is the very song that has made many dark secrets to be brought into the limelight.

Pozee starts his diss track Mnikome buy asking God for forgiveness of what he’s about to sing. Calling himself a one man army,Pozze wants to be respected.

In the first stanza,Willy Paul sings how he doesn’t reveal anyone who he has got intimate with. However,he says how it felt when Diana B and him did it.

Taking a jab on Bahati for exposing his wife to infidelity lads. Listing politicians, musicians, DJs and even footballers who might also have “scored.” Willy Paul wants Bahati to perform DNA of his first kid to confirm that the kid is his or maybe he might get shocked.

Producer Teddy B was also dissed in Mnikome by Willy Paul. Being referred as fool who walks with fool. This is after regarding Saldido Boss as his brother. As for DK Kwenye Beat,he doesn’t need much to get some secrets,only KFC and he spills everything.

Finally, download the song and get to know what Pozze sings on Erick Omondi.

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