Most Profitable Topics To Blog About In Kenya

blogging topics

Getting more visitors to read your blog is a nightmare to many newbie bloggers.So what is the way out?How do you get best topics to blog on?Which are the best niche to venture into?
We have researched best niches and good topics to write about.This are topics that can drive massive traffic to your site.

Here are the most read topics online:

• Blogging
This is our sole idea as to why we started our site.Everybody is blogging about this or that.So ,here are some of the tips expected under the blogging niche.

As a blogger,you are a teacher and you opt to show the way to the others.As a blog tutor,ooze some wisdom to your readers.You may exercise your power on the following subtitles:
1. How to blog
2. Social media
3. Affiliate marketing
4. Search Engine Optimization
5. Advertising
6. Topics to blog
8. Scripts
9. Tutorials

• Technology
This is one of the most googled niche.It is very wide and has everything for everyone.It is one of the best topics to write about because it has so many sections.Here are some of the subtopics:
1. Software
2. Gadgets and gadget review
3. Application
4. Laptops
5. Phones,smartphones and tablets
6. Iphone
7. Technology news
8. Cameras
9. Computers
10. Internet
11. Website development
12. Hardware

• Business
Business niche is a wide topic that which numerous subtopics to write about.Business takes place daily and so there are a lot of new ideas each second you think about a business blog.

Here are some of the ideas to write about on a business blog.
1. Loans
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Savings
4. Pros and cons of a certain business
5. Business gaps
6. Jobs
7. Online work
8. Banking
9. Mortgages
10. Credit cards
11. Show people how to make easy money online
12. Human resource
13. Insurance
14. Online Business

• Fashion

If you are keen you have seen many designer to our streets.Many fashion events being attended.Doesn’t that give you a hint.You can start a fashion blog if you are a designer to sell your products or to showcase your outfits.

You an as well start a customized clothes business or graphics design of various clothes.On this blog ,African wear is atop notch niche to venture into.Many Aficans love their design.

• Health

In the health niche,you can cover these major subtopics if you are blogging under health.
1. First aid measures
2. Fitness and weight loss
3. Various diseases,their cause,symptoms and treatment.
4. Training and excercises
5. Food and nutrition
6. Drugs
7. Cancer and its treatment
8. Pregnancy

• Law
Writing a law blog or a lawyer related blog may make your blog attract a lot of traffic.This is because there is a lot of laws that are put in by the government.A lot of peope are not aware of this laws.Here are some of the tips of writing a law blog.
1. Creating awareness of the government regulations.
2. Informing people of their rights
3. Informing people of what will happen if they break the law.
4. Creating awaresness on the importance of lawyers in the country.

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