Friday, June 2, 2023

Mr Seed Accused Of Child Neglect

Mr Seed has been accused by his baby mama for neglecting taking care of their son. Liz Sonia , has called musician Mr Seed to action, urging him to step up and stop being a deadbeat father.

Sonia revealed that Mr Seed has never seen his son for 7 years now. This is despite him sending delayed school fees.

The last time you held JUNIOR and spent time was in 2019 … we are in 2023.


She goes on to reveal that she has solely provided for their Son, Prince Faiz and it’s time for Mr Seed to step in. Adding that she doesn’t want the gospel singer’s money but help her to raise their son.

Mr Seed’s baby mama clarified that she doesn’t want social media sympathy, all she wants is to see her son happy. Mr Seed spending time with his son without being pushed will help the situation.

Dex Antikua
Dex Antikua
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