Friday, December 8, 2023

Mr Seed Recognizes His Baby Mama’s Son

Mr Seed has responded to his baby mama child neglect concerns.

Speaking exclusively with Mzazi Willy M Tuva,Mr Seed said he never wants to talk about his children affairs online. For his son’s privacy sake, he deci

ded to stay silence over the issue. Seed said he will not share his part of the story. He believes escalating the story will haunt his son in future, something he doesn’t want.

“Am not going to talk about my kids,” Mr Seed affirmed.

Liz Sonia, Mr Seed’s baby mama had poured his anger online and called him an absentee father. The singer said he has utmost respect for Sonia.

“I respect Sonia as my baby mama. At the end of the day we will raise our kid together,” said Mr Seed.

“Sonia congratulated Nimo when Gold was born, since then they haven’t talked to each other,” says Mr Seed.

Mr Seed says his wife Nimo and Sonia are good though not close.

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Dex Antikua
Dex Antikua
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