Mulamwah Closes His Entertainment Label

Mulamwh closes his entertainment label. Vall Wambo was working under his label.

Barely months after launching his Entertainment label, comedian Mulamwah has decided to close it.

Mulamwah took to his Instagram to annouce the sad news to Vall Wambo. Citing online trolls being a major reason to close indefinitely his label.

I am sorry @vall_wambo , you are still very young and with a promising future, my dream was to see you grow into a big star, not only you but many more too .So unfortunate that the environment created online is not healthy at all , all the trolls and abuse online should not be your portion.


Mulamwah had previously bowed down to online trolls something that saw his burn his signature shirt. However, days later with support from other celebrities he bounced back. Because of what he faced,he doesn’t the same to happen to his artist.

I was there before and i dont want you at the same spot. Its quite difficult to progress with all this friction.

reads part of Mulamwah post.

With the closure of Mulamwah Ent,Vall Wambo has been granted rights to her songs. However, all the songs she did have been deleted and she has to upload them under her channel again. Everything that was created under her belongs to her too.

I hereby announce indefinate clossure of mulamwah ent. Everything created for you belongs to you and you own 100% of your music and all the accounts created. All the songs have been deleted from our end, youll be given the videos to post on whatever channel of your choice. All the best. Kindly accord her all the support she needs . To the others too, seek solace elsewhere.

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