Mulamwah Gives Receipts Of Carrol Sonie Infidelity

Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah

Carol Sonnie indefinitely shared in public

The long wait is now over. Mulamwah has gone public and given receipts of Carrol Sonie Infidelity. Many things have been said and now Mulamwah couldn’t hold any longer. He promised to share what really happened, and he has done so. Previously he had been holding this information to protect Sonie brand but, it seems he can’t do so anymore.

The comedian has stated how Sonie cheated on her for almost an year. This is what triggered their first break-up. As things were not working out for Mulamwah, Sonie was warming the bed of one mysterious guy residing at Gitaru, Kikuyu.

At this particular time,as country we were under lockdown and the imposed curfew was in effect. However, their Keeping Up with Mulamwahs was also in place. Concerned neighbours used to send videos of the mother of one kissing and having good times over the weekends. With this concrete evidence, Mulamwah wanted Sonie to apologize but he was in for a bigger shock. She reiterated that he was cheating also, that’s a goal goal situation, right?

For the sake of his brand,he apologized on her bahalf.The aftermath, Mulamwah got Sonie pregnant and after baby Keilah delivery, they parted ways.

Do you remember how Mulamwah and Sonie suffered a miscarriage? Well, according to Kendrick Mulamwah, that wasn’t a miscarriage. Sonie secured an abortion since it wasn’t Mulamwah’s pregnancy.

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