Mulamwah Introduces Carrol Sonie Replacement

Barely 3 hours after Carrol Sonie announcing her breakup with Mulamwah,the comedian has posted his new catch.

Things started going wrong when the two content creators unfollowed each other. Word on street has it that Mulamwah Ent singer Vall Wambo is behind the two young parents predicaments.

Carrol Sonie has less than 3 pictures of her and Mulamwah together while the comedian has a couple of clips they did together plus other pictures. This is despite the two claiming to part ways.

Mulamwah news
Mulamwah And his new catch.

Whether we’re being duped or not,its just a matter of time before we find it all. Mulamwah started his new entertainment label and the lady she posted might be joining Vall Wambo in Mulamwah Ent.

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