Mulamwah Stays Mute To Protect Sonie Image

Whatever met Mulamwah walk away is still a puzzle ⚡

If there’s a question that many are asking,is that of Mulamwah and Carrol Sonie breakup. What really transpire between them has not yet come out clearly.

The comedian has made it known that he is not going to reveal the reason that made them go separate ways. If he does,he will be destroying her life forever. This will also affect baby Keilah Oyando.

Though the details are still withheld there might be something sinister that Sonie might have done. Do we still need the DNA to prove this? The mother of one is not up for the challenge. She did confess that she was wrong and seeked forgiveness. All that fell on deaf hears.

In persuit of the truth,only time will tell. Mulamwah holds that if he cleans his name,then the worst will happen. So for the sake of both parties,he decided to walk away. Adding that men don’t just walk away.

The challenge has been thrown to us to dig and find the out the truth.

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