Nadia Mukami And Masauti Contented With Poor Treatment

Nadia Mukami And Masauti and Mbosso

Naija Night Nairobi – Nyashinski

So over the weekend there was a big show in Mombasa. A great lineup for Kenyan artistes and the main act being Mbosso. Everything,from my own perspective was fine. However, somewhere along the way things fell out.

On the D day, things slightly got out of hand. Kenyan artises being chased from the stage to pave way for the main act. So what might have happened? As an artiste,you preserve the best last. This is always the show stopper song when you are leaving the stage.

As a Kenyan who loves entertainment,it was wrong how Nadia Mukami and Masauti were treated. Firstly,how can an MC ask which artiste is to perform last from the fans ? I think there must be a protocol in the first place. That’s humiliation of the highest order and it did happen in Mombasa. Though Nadia Mukami seemed not bothered with it . Maybe because of a good paycheck and performing only 5 songs .According to her,we are still in baby steps in the industry and we should trust the process.

Word on the streets has it that Mbosso was late for the show. So the promoter had to cut short Masauti performance to accommodate him. The coast based artiste was left begging to perform his other two songs. This is so wrong. In an earlier interview, Mbosso expressed how he loves performing in Mombasa. A place where he can’t even keep time! So unfortunate. Since he was the main act of the night,he had to be treated well. This was not limited to trashing other musicians.

Masauti who was embarrassed has come out to air his side of the story. His show lasted only 30 minutes. Shifting the blame to the event organizers. Pointing out a certain lady who never wanted to show any kind of respect towards him. The said lady threatened the Dj not to pay him if he continued playing Masauti songs. The situation was intervined by Mzazi Willy M Tuva. Masauti says Mbosso is not to blame. The two artises already have recorded a song together.

It’s evident that Kenyan artistes will never be respected anytime soon. Show/Event promoters are busy chasing the bag. They will bring international artises and sideline some local musicians to curtain raise for them.

Speaking about the unfolding events, Erick Omondi has advise Kenyan artistes to demand respect. Not to be looked down upon. Adding that they will be treated how they carry themselves.

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