Presenter Ali Warns Upcoming Youtubers On Copyright Infringement

Presenter Ali

Daily we witness an upcoming vlogger,blogger or youtuber online. However,many of them are not offering unique content to the ever ready market. According to Switch TV’s Presenter Ali,most of them are not toiling as expected. They instead choose to use shortcuts to get their views as soon as possible.

The entertainment PA has advised upcoming youtubers to invest in their skill. Downloading and re-uploading content is not the way to go. That’s if they want to get their brand out there. According to Ali,established youtubers like him or Mungai Eve use money to get such content. Not forgetting the time and resources they devote to get such content.

Its sad to see after one’s hard work, someone just copy exactly what you’ve done and runs away with it free. Presenter Ali has promised whoever does this will receive YouTube copyright strike soon.

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