Friday, December 8, 2023

Raila Odinga Launches A National Mass Action

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has launched a nationwide protest against the government.

This comes after the opposition leader ultimatum of 14 days lapsed. Odinga demanded was the government to lower the prices of basic commodities and open the IEBC server among other demands.

Speaking during the launch of mass protests,Raila highlighted various reasons for calling mass action .

High cost of living is the key pillar Odinga is using to rally his supporters to protest. He says the Kenya Kwanza government promised to lower the price of maize floor to 100 bob something that hasn’t been achieved.

Over taxation is another issue that triggered the opposition leader to launch national demonstrations. He says Kenyans are burdened by multiple taxes imposed by the current government.

The former Prime Minister has also accused President Dr. William Ruto of capturing other arms of the government. He says Ruto has captured the legislature and the judiciary.

Victimization of the former form IEBC commissioner led by Cherere is another reason that promoted Raila to call for mass action. He says the now infamous Cherera four stood against election theft and were rather recognized than be punished.

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