Friday, December 8, 2023

Thee Pluto Reveals Making More Than 800k Monthly

Thee Pluto has shared a screenshot of the money he makes on his YouTube channel.

The father of two has been forced to share his YouTube earnings with the public after being branded a scammer. The report shows the chief sanitizer having made more than 9 million within a year.

Thee Pluto revealed on his Instagram story that aside from content creation, he has other businesses including forex trading and farming.

Being branded a con has seen him lose endorsement deals. Thee Pluto is now shifting his hustle to concentrate on forex trading.

In a recent interview, The Pluto said he will be quitting social media probably by next year. This is a move that will see him delete his social media handles and go to live a private life.

“Lately I have been feeling that social media is not my thing, ” he said.

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Dex Antikua
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