This New Storyteller Kanambo Dede

Kanambo Dede

Freshly in the industry is Kanambo Dede. Her first song Wallahi is what everyone is talking about. Her delivery prowess makes one give her a chance to flow.

Unlike other artistes who have graced our mainstream media, Kanambo seems composed and knows what she is expected of her. The mother of one has not yet been swayed by the popularity she got. This is after being discovered by Street Vybez Tv, a YouTube channel. After all she revealed to Amina of NTV on The Trend that she knew one day she will be a star.

The rapper who hails from Kasarani is working under Kaka Empire. Though she has not signed any contract with the label, they have an agreement which will see her release music back to back.

Kanambo Dede and King Kaka are not working on any song. Maybe it will happen when is fully blown or formally signed. For now, she’s getting mentored by the best.

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