Tupewe Pombe By Willy Paul

Willy Paul Tupewe Pombe video is out. We all know he is not going back to gospel music any time soon.

The song is a club banger and is doing so well. Trending at number 9 with 214K views after being released 4 days ago.

From my own perspective, Willy Paul song Tupewe Pombe sampled some ideas from Pombe by Iyanii. Not something bad but as you listen to the song, you feel Iyanii’s pombe vibe.

The difference is the approach. While Iyanii sings from a personal experience with pombe,Pozze uses another person approach to give their Pombe Approach. Iyanii pombe challenge wet viral and made the song a huge success. Bwana mkunaji also applies the same on his song,Tupewe Pombe.

Watch Tupewe Pombe By Willy Paul Below


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