Vanessa Mdee Not Moved By Her Age

Vanessa Mdee

Vanessa Mdee aging like fine wine.

Vanessa Mdee age has come under close scrutinize with her fans. Ladies naturally don’t reveal their real age. This is why your favourite female celebrities are stuck on their early 20s or are sweet sixteen forever.

During a live session on her gram, Vanessa Mdee shared that someone termed her as old. As many could have though or reacted, she was okay with that. To her, getting old is blessings. She went on to add that being referred as old don’t move her nor it is an insult.

The mother of one during the live session she introduced a program that she has partner with Rotimi. The program dubbed For The Better Me is a premium program that has a lot to offer. Once you’ve subscribed you all get entertained, advised and there’s different segments like getting to know more about your celebrities.

Vanessa Mdee quit music to focus on her relationship. True to her choice, it’s paying off. She shares that she’s happy. This makes other opinions null and void. About her ex Juma Jux, that’s her past and she doesn’t dwell in the past.

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