Willy Paul Misses Mr Seed Album Lunch

During the launch of Mr. Seed Black Child Album on 12th September 2021, many celebrities graced the event. Notably, Willy Paul missed in the star-studded occasion that went down in Pride Inn, Westlands. Bahati and DK Kewenye beat were the Mcees of the day. Notable celebrities included Cate Actress, Timmy Tdat, and Ringtone.

Speaking during an interview at Mambo Mseto, Mr. Seed real name Moses Taus Omondi revealed that he never invited Willy Paul. The reason being the Saldido boss would turn up, he doesnt support anyone.Terming him an egocentric artist.

it is nothing personal.I know willy paul better and am being honest.

The album comprises 5 gospel songs and five love songs. The bonus track off the album is Ndoa featuring Cate Actress. Notable artists from Kenya in the album include Masauti and Vivian.

Mr. Seed claimed the album saw him cough a whopping 5 million. This was reached by the numerous trips he and his team had to make out of Nairobi. Shooting videos and outsourcing producers definitely resonates with the amount.

The Black Child Album within a week had reached 200k streams on boomplay.

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