Willy Paul Plans To Represent Mathare Constituents

Hon. Willy Paul

I don’t know how to take Willy Paul plan to vie for political seat. The singer has announced his intend represent Mathare constituency in the National Assembly.

Am not sure if Mathare people are ready to be led by their own, that’s up to them to decide . However, personally,it’s not yet the right time for Pozze to take a shot at a political seat. Jaguar did win Starehe seat successfully but it did come with it’s fair share of challenges. Unless Willy Paul is ready to fight this,then let him join the war. Politics is not for the faint hearted and he shouldn’t be deceived by his fanbase.

Gospel singer Ringtone tried and failed.

Willy Paul is not alone in this race. Fellow artiste CMB Prezzo is also eyeing Kibra seat. We wish them nothing but all the very best.

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