Willy Paul Warns Diana B Over Defamatory Remarks

Willy Paul latest rape allegations against him has seen him lose excess of 96 million.

Via his Instagram, Willy Paul stated how Diana B recent accusations have destroyed his brand. Something evident by his anticipated deals going south.

The Saldido International Record Label revealed losing a deal with a telecommunications company capped at 10 million. Another mattress company cancelled it’s 4 million deal with him. Bwana mkunaji also reveals how an international recording and distribution deal worth 82 million disappeared into thin air. All this comes days after a nasty reveal of rape issue. Thanking Diana B winning the game.

However,Willy Paul has released a press statement towards this loss. Warning all those who are in persuit of chasing clout using his brand will bare the loses individually. Promising to go to courts for any person giving out false unsubstantial claims.

With numerous ladies reaching out to Diana B about facing the same ordeal under Willy Paul,the sitolia singer believes they are paid to turnish his name.

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