Alikiba Secrets of Making Timeless Music

Written by Dex Antikua

Alikiba for the longest time has been writing his own songs.

Tanzanian singer Alikiba has been in the music industry for a while. He is arguably the best in East Africa for making timeless songs. His captivating melodies have cemented his name in the competitive industry.

The father of five shared secrets of making good music during an interview with Mseto East Africa.

“I listen to a lot of music. This ranges from Kenyan flavor, Portuguese songs, and some French music,” said Alikiba.

Alikiba for the longest time has been writing his own songs. However, he told Mzazi Willy M Tuva that lately artists signed under his label do write songs for him at times.

“My artists are like my music department, I delegate some tasks of writing my music to them,” revealed King Kiba.

Tommy Flavour, one of the best songwriters in East Africa is signed under the Alikiba label, Kings Music.

Talking about the latest celebrity trends of doing stunts to release music, Alikiba said he doesn’t need sideshows to release a song.

“I don’t do showbiz, as a matter of fact,I am a showbiz,” said Alikiba.

Alikiba revealed to Mseto East Africa fans that he doesn’t incorporate public stunts to promote his music. The Mahaba crooner says he started his music as a brand and not on a public platform.

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