Amber Ray Unveils Her Label’s New Artist

Amber Ray recording label
Written by Dex Antikua

Amber Ray new label signs Shifuu as their new artist.

You see there’s nothing that gives job seekers nightmare like a question about themselves. Most get confused since they don’t know what to say particularly ; whether share their job experiences or skills they got. This is the same scenario that befell socialite Amber Ray. Recently she held a presser. Presumably this was her debut with online bloggers and vloggers. It was here that she expounded further about herself than what we know her of. A talented twerker and her undying love for Wababas is at peak.

Recently, I wrote an article about Amber and her take about business. She was categorically clear that not everyone is a business oriented person which is very true. For her, business is not her thing.

During the recent presser, she had a change of tune and here is where I stand up with her earlier statement. The mother of one was asked the main reason for her press conference. To share more about her other unknown business, she posed. Amber Ray stated among what she does is owning a recording label. However, she has no clear idea what `her’ label does or deals with. Then you wonder which boss doesn’t know what their business entity entails.

Amber Ray and Shifuu

That aside, she unveiled ,Shifuu as her first artist under her mysterious label. The artist statement contradicted that of his boss, including the release date of their song. You could see their reaction on this live presser.

Nevertheless, Amber Ray is a good vixen and maybe Shifuu is trying to tap on her sphere and use her numbers to propel his music career.

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