5 Key Questions Asked During Interviews And Some Of Their Guided Responses

interview questions with answers
Written by Julius Magembe

Here is list of 5 basic and unique interview questions with answers.

Getting a job these days has become difficult for many graduates or even experienced employees who want to move from one company to another. The majority of job seekers get it wrong during job interviews. Getting the right answers to a particular interview has always been the key secret to getting a particular job. We have highlighted 5 basic interview questions and answers.

I don’t know how you would feel but I think that it would be great if you knew some of the key questions that most employers ask while interviewing their potential employees. Job interviews may not be exactly the same but by preparing yourself on how to answer some of the key questions, you stand a better chance to get employed.

1. How did you hear about this position

Many companies with a job vacancies advertise it on various platforms. This question’s sole purpose is to know how you got to know about the vacancy. It’s a common interview question that pops up at the start of the interview. This is one of the best opportunities for you to stand out in an interview. One may have found information through a friend, watching a TV advert, reading a magazine, or while reading an online article. The way you answer this question tells a lot about you. For instance, if you found out about the job through reading an article, the employer would immediately know that you like reading. If it was through watching television, they would know that you like watching. This answer alone may give you a chance to get hired or make you lose the job according to the employer’s preferences. We highly recommend that you carefully research what the particular company deals in before thinking of a response to give to this question.

2. Tell me about yourself

Many people fail to prepare for this question which ends up being their knockout in an interview. It seems easy but it’s one of the trickiest questions any employer can ask you. Don’t rush to answer this question thinking that you know a lot about yourself better than any other person. always talk about your strengths here. Be careful with what you post on social media because this may be used against you when answering this question. Who knows, what if for example it was a writing job and they ask for samples of some of your recent blogs and find out that they are full of hatred and criticism, they may not employ you. The company may become warned of the type of negativity you may be attracted to their site. When answering this question, start by informing the employers of your full identity and some of your best moments probably professionally.

3. Why do you want this job

The main reason a job seeker wants a particular job is to make money but this is one of the least answers you want to give your prospective employer. This question is a commonly asked interview question that always gets a lot of people. I am not a mind reader but what the employer always wants to hear is how you would help his or her company make more money. If , for example, you give the employer an idea that would help him make more money, there would be no reason for that employer not to give you that job. Nobody would feel bad about having their company make more money by working less harder. Always have a tip on how you are going to help the company make an extra profit before answering this question, answer it with some wit that will capture your employee’s attention. Always say how beneficial and skillful you are. Make it clear what you are bringing to the company either experience or expertise in your field.

4. What is your hobby

It is key that this question is asked in any interview because every person has something they like doing outside work. We advise you to be very cautious when answering this question. Don’t just mention anything. What if, for example, you say that your hobby is reading books and then the employer asks you if you could review some of his books on payment? I hope you and I don’t want to imagine what will happen if you had said that just to impress the employer. It will be a big shame if you end up not delivering a good review. My advice is you research more about the interested company and what they do. Of all the activities they carry out, choose one that suits you as a hobby, you never know, it may be your side hustle in waiting.

5. Do you have any questions for us

Well, this is one of the most intimidating questions an employer can ask you. Often, most of the interviewees don’t have questions to ask during an interview. If you have been given an opportunity to ask a question during an interview, ask because it shows you are mature enough and able to make decisions without intimidation. You may, for example, ask your hiring manager why that position is vacant, and why the person who was holding that position is not holding it anymore. For a fact, many employers do not expect their interviewees to ask them such kind of questions. It may get them by surprise but since they gave you an opportunity to ask, they won’t mind answering. This may also give you a clear image of what you expect from your employees.

These are some of the job interview tips that you should harm yourself with during your job hunting.

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