Raila Oppose Formation Of Opposition Leader Office

Written by Vincent Ombati

Raila Odinga, has opposed the formation of the Office of the Opposition leader, as proposed by President William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza counterparts.

Via a twitter statement, the Azimio leader says he opposes the President‘s proposals because they were the same as those in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) that was rejected by the Supreme Court early this year.

The former Prime Minister urges Ruto to follow the procedure outlined in the Supreme Court decision on the BBI.

Raila further accuses the President of stealing hispolitical ideologies and running with them as his own where In the BBI document where Raila Odinga proposed the formation of the office of the Opposition Leader.

He is worried that Ruto and his brigade who rejected the BBI document are the same people proposing the bill.

Raila’s remarks come after President Ruto proposed that Parliament consider amending Chapter 9 of the Constitution to create the office of official leader of the opposition, the functions of which will be outlined in subsequent laws passed by the House.