Salome By Bahati

Singer Bahati has dropped a new song dubbed Salome. In this song, Bahati sings about an ex-wife called Salome.

Salome is being asked by Bahati to remember him and come back to his life. The singer expresses who he misses her every night and day.

Despite Bahati knowing Salome is seeing another man, he doesnt give on her. Bahati believes going broke was the main reason Salome left him.

The chorus has been kept simple since Salome is what is sung severaly and being reminded she is the only one.

Bahati pleads with Salome to pick up his calls. He continues to tell Salome how their kids, his friends and family miss her.

Salome by Bahati is an emotional song. Bahati has delivered it as expected with his nice vocals. The singer has included some Kamba vocals that blends in the slow tune nicely.

Watch Bahati latest song Salome on youtube.

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