Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Senator Gloria Orwoba Should Table Sanitary Towel Motion

Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba was kicked out of the Senate yesterday, February 14, for what was termed “inappropriate dressing.”

p>Orwaba appeared in the upper house wearing white pants with a pink stain. She claimed she was on her period, and that the stain was a result of a ‘natural accident.’

Though the honorable was trying to raise awareness about sanitary pads, she was out of order. As a leader, you lead by example. We need to discuss these issues boldly and not appear desperate for attention when we can table a motion on the same.

The nominated senator’s woes were ignited by fellow nominated senator Tabitha Mutinda. Mutinda felt uncomfortable as a woman, claiming Orwoba’s dress code was out of order.

We have witnessed many horrifying stories surrounding the lack of sanitary towels. Our young girls have faced public humiliation for lacking these essential towels. In some areas of this country, some girls have ended up being pregnant after exchanging intimacy sessions for sanitary towels.

Many small organizations out here constantly distribute sanitary towels to schoolgirls. Leaders like Senetor Orwoba should support or team up with these organizations. These are small steps to attain the main goal of having our girls not out of class for lacking sanitary pads.

Cheap public stunts will not help us for now. In fact, many girls might think having a menstrual stain on them is the way to go.

It’s high time Orwoba tables this motion. The government is able to provide free sanitary towels to our girls in school. I have seen Kiharu Member of Parliament, using CDF money to ease the fee burden on secondary school parents in his constituency.