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Reference To Dishonest Employee Costs Job Seeker

The other day I received a visitor in my residence. A young man probably in his mid tweenties found me unwinding the current woes chelsea we are facing.

The young jumbled champ after a few informal introductions he revealed why he paid an impromptu visit on a weekend.He was looking for a job.

Apparently things aren’t looking good for many people out here especially the youth. My curious nature wanted to know why he thought I was his ideal employer.

Like the fictional character Raymond Reddignton ,I tend not to believe in coincidence. To my shock the young man was referred to me by my former employee.

What many of gen z dont capitalize is their network. It is said countless times;your network is your net worth and that some connections will get you to places where your papers wont.

My former employee has been missing from my site for nearly two years. We went separate ways after antagonizing my will. One day he decided to elope with my stuff which was under his care without my permission. Basically he stole from me and he never came back. To this day neither has he communicated nor heard from him until this guy showed up.

Am still puzzled he could reffer someone to me. The guts. Unfortunately we are all replacebale,he wasnt exeption dispite being allegedly to be a distance relative. I got his replacement after sometime. For the young guy he sent,I had no open position to offer him.Howver,could I have offered this man a job if I had after being sent by a referee whom we fell out on bad terms. We are humans and always fear of the unknown.

This is a call up call especially before atttaching your referrees contact on your curiculum vitae. Its paramount to aways cross examine your refereee. Incase you are a referee try as much to leave good trail behind you. Youll never know who will come after your steps.

Honesty is the quality of being truthful and sincere in one’s words and actions. It involves being straightforward and transparent in one’s communication, not hiding or distorting the truth, and acting with integrity and authenticity in all aspects of life. Honesty is a fundamental value that is essential for building trust and maintaining healthy relationships with others. It is also important for personal growth and self-improvement, as it requires a willingness to acknowledge one’s mistakes and take responsibility for one’s actions. In short, honesty is a key aspect of moral character and is essential for living a fulfilling and meaningful life.