Monday, December 11, 2023

Tanasha Donna Advocates For Hygiene

Tanasha Donna has felt the urge to raise awareness of hygiene. Giving out tips on how one can be clean and smell good.

In her already viral clip, Tanasha highlighted basic things that one can do to be clean. Washing our hands constantly, brushing our teeth, taking a shower at least twice a day are the basics. Applying roll on to smell fresh being on her top recommendations.

“Make sure you’re constantly washing your hands. Make sure you don’t skip those two to three daily showers. Make sure you’re brushing your teeth. Use that roll on guys. When you visit the washroom whether is number one or number two, wash with water and soap,” she said.

The mother of one says being clean has many effects on a person’s life. This ranges from physical to mental fitness.

“When there is a mess around you your mind becomes clouded, you are not at ease. But when everything is clean around you, you feel good and peaceful,” Tanasha said.

Our bodies are our temples and the singer wants us to take care of them. According to her, she doesn’t believe that smelling sweat is a sign of masculinity. A man or a woman should be clean since cleanliness is next to Godliness.

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Dex Antikua
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