Vall Wambo Still Enjoying Mulamwah’s Support

Vall Wambo who got some killer vocals is  trying to push her brand strategically.

It was the most unfortunate news to Vall Wambo when Mulamwah Ent was being closed down. She was the only artiste under the label. She had barely started to grow and being known with one video under her. Her breakthrough being Dawa Ya Baridi cover

However, the aftermath wasn’t hard for the singer. She was granted rights to own her songs. This meant she had to re-upload the videos, something she has done already. Previously her work were under the label’s channel.

Mulamwah is doing something that we don’t witness elsewhere easily. Supporting your artiste despite going separate ways. Yesterday Harmonize held a ceremony for Country Wizzy after his contract come to an end.

Vall Wambo and Nadia Mukami
Call Wambo With Nadia Mukami

Vall Wambo who got some killer vocals is trying to push her brand strategically. With the connection I guess she got from her former manager, she is meeting amazing people. I have spotted her with several artistes sharing some good time. The young singer shared a clip with pombe singer Iyanii and in a separate photo, she is posing with Nadia Mukami. In all the moves she is making, comedian Mulamwah is supporting her openly. There’s nothing wrong with this. At one instance the father of one shared a picture with his then artiste. There’s was mixed reaction from their fans.

In the past when things went south for Mulamwah and Sonie, it was allegedly that Call Wambo was the reason. Later on Mulamwah introduced Ruth as his new partner.

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