Anti Finance bill protest criminals to be arraigned

Written by Vincent Ombati

President William Ruto has assured Kenyans that alleged criminals who hijacked peaceful protests organized by the majority of Gen Z’s will be arraigned in court on Monday.

The President during a media presser in the State House today revealed that security apparatus captured the criminals on CCTV.  Adding that not all have been arrested but the police are on their radar.

“All those criminals are on CCTV breaking into shops and parliament. Many are on the run but those (criminals) in custody will be taken to court tomorrow,” Ruto claimed.

Ruto revealed that according to the security agency,only 19 people were confirmed dead contrary to KNHRC statistics claims 24 died in the chaos.

The President said the National Security Council plays a critical role to provide Intel about the demonstration. Saying the intel came in handy since many lives were not lost.

“We had information from the National security council that’s why the number of deaths is less. The level of mobilization of crime was insane,” Ruto revealed.

During his first state address to the nation, Ruto furiously said criminals took advantage of the situation and turned the act as treasonous. He

He says the events that saw part of parliament buildings set on fire also led to destruction of property worth more than 2.4 billion shillings.

“I am certain Gen Z never burned parliament. The criminals caused mayhem leading to many protesters losing their phones and some getting injured,” clarified the President.

Ruto assured protection to everyone who peacefully protests from criminals who infiltrate the demos. Adding that any life lost bothers him.

Pinpointing the issue that was termed as Rongai Massacre, the president said police were overpowered by criminals. Saying that a police officer lost his gun to a criminal who used to shoot innocent people.

The President affirmed that the situation was contained saying, “The police man had to shoot the criminal who had hijacked a gun from him.”

The president promised Masai’s parents of what transpired when the ongoing investigations are concluded. Rex Masai was the first victim of the national wide protest.  He further affirmed that there will be an investigation on everyone who was shot in the protests.

“Police have a record of every record of what happened,” said Ruto.

About Githurai, Ruto refutes claims of massacre. The commander in chief echoed the BBC investigation which states that only one person was shot.

During the pressure,Ruto warned that any police officer who acted outside the legal framework will be dealt with according to the law. Stating that police should not operate outside the parameters of the law.

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