Court stops implementation of president’s taskforce

Written by Vincent Ombati

President William Ruto’s taskforce of auditing public debt has been hit with a legal blow.

Nakuru based doctor Dr.Magare Gikenyi petition to suspend the Presidential taskforce was granted by a High Court ruling on Monday. In her petition,Gikenyi told the court the task force was unconstitutional.

“The work of auditing public debt is a constitutionally mandated function of the Auditor-General and not any taskforce appointed by the executive or any other person or organ,” Gikenyi states.

During a press briefing on Friday from the State house, Nairobi The President appointed the taskforce to conduct a forensic audit of Kenya’s public debt.

The taskforce led by Nancy Onyango as the chairperson and Prof. Luis G. Franceschi as the vice Chairperson was to run for six months. It comprised 4 members and two secretaries.

Law Society Of Kenya president Faith Odhiambo declined the appointment to the force. Odhiambo defended her choice claiming there is a constitutional office mandated with the audit work.

She claimed the taskforce is unconstitutional and its mandate is that of the Auditor General office.

The Taskforce was expected to table its report within three months.

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