BASATA Bans Whozu, Mbosso And Billnass For Months

Tanzania National Arts regulatory body Basata has banned Whozu , Mbosso and Billnass over their recent song, Ameyatimba.

Via their statement, Basata says the song theme goes against morals . The body claims the song has portrayed discrimination and diminishing women which is against its law .

This resulted in Basata ordering Whozu who is the owner of the song to delete the song from all digital platforms.

Whozu has been fined 3 million Tanzania shillings and banned for involving himself with art for 6 months.

WCB Wasafi artist Mbosso and rapper Bill Nass who were featured in the song were consequently affected. They were fined 3 million Tanzania shillings each. Additionally they are supposed not to be involved in any music activities for 3 months as from 4th November 2023.

This is not the first time Whozu is finding himself in a battle with Basata. He has been warned twice in the past and even fined once for going against set guild lines in producing music.

Ameyatimba by Whozu featuring Mbosso and Billnass was released on 02nd November,2023.

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