I am Not Dead, says Alpha Mwana Mteule

In recent days, gospel singer Alpha Mwana Mteule’s death rumors have been trending all over. However, none had concrete evidence of this. The story was widespread after singer Jaguar said the singer had taken his own life.

In an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Alpha Mwana Mteule says he is much alive. He says he is a victim of food poisoning. Alphas says he was invited to perform at an event with an unknown guy in Rongai; he was afterward offered poisoned food.

The singer said after leaving the event at 11 Pm is when he started feeling unwell. He says he was bleeding from his mouth by the time he reached his house. Through the efforts of his neighbors rushing him to the hospital, Alpha’s life was saved by doctors.

When Alpha realized he was poisoned, he reached out to Jaguar’s producer. The producer presumed Alpha had taken his own life and passed the information to the former Starehe Member of Parliament.

Right now the singer is recovering and plans to continue with his music career. So far he has recorded the incident with the police who have already started their investigations.

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