Khaligraph Jones Responds To His House Critics

Khaligraph Jones house has been a huge topic of discussion on various social media platforms. The rapper’s huge house which is still under construction caught the attention of many users who had divided opinions.

Many have given their versions of the house. Some termed the house a referral hospital and some say it resembles Zetech University building. However, OG has come out to defend his house. The ‘mazishi’ rapper is surprised that his house has offended some people.

“Let me look for more money and complete the house, I didn’t know the construction would give many people content to talk about,’ said Khaligraph.

The house that sits in the leafy suburbs of Karen came into the limelight back on February 7th,2022. This was after Khaligraphs Jones’s wife, Georgina Muteti shared photos of workers digging the foundation of the house.

During a past interview, the high-flying rapper said he was building a home because it sends a good gesture to other artists to invest. Additionally, a home is a safe investment since the music industry is unpredictable.

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