Police Commander Defends GSU Deployment in Kisii

Written by Vincent Ombati

There was a heavy presence of General Service Unit officers at the Governor of Kisii’s Office on Monday.
Speaking at the Kisii DCI offices, the Kisii County police commander Charles Kases said the GSU officers were drawn from various parts of the country and sent to the county for reinforcement purposes. Kases further said the officers were relaxing at Kisii Stadium and not to intimidate or harm the governor.

The police commander termed the officers as innocent and didn’t know that the governor was operating from the stadium. He revealed that there

While recording his statement with the Kisii DCI Unit, Simba Arati revealed getting a call about his offices being raided by GSU officers. This prompted him to arrive at the scene where he found the officers in pairs and others stationed at the entrance of his office.

While attending a church service on Sunday, Governor Arati said he was aware that there were laid plans by officers to raid his home in Motonto at night.

Speaking about the incident with local media, National Assembly Majority Whip Silvanus Osoro says the deployment of GSU in Kisii County was a measure to restore order in the county.

The South Mugirango MP blames Arati for politicking and mismanaging of county resources. He further said that the county boss is running a militia that poses as bodaboda riders.

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