Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Maandamano should not breed anarchy

Maandamo in Kenya is taking a slippery road. What was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration,is slowly taking a new meaning. This comes in the second week of Azimio led protests that are anchored purely on setting political scores.

This week we are anticipating two demonstrations;one was done yesterday and another one is scheduled for thursday. What was witnessed yesterday is disgusting. Another week,another mayhem in several parts of the country.

At least one person was reported dead after being shot in the chest. What is described as peaceful protests results in the lifeless body of a young youth lying on the road,all in the name of paying the ultimate price.

Though some businesses in the city were open,it was not business as usual. Majority of potential clients opted to remain safe at home. Education was disrupted in a big way. Schools located around Nairobi city urged their learners to stay at home. Though it was a good idea for security purposes. These students are losing their precious time of studying. They have to stay two days at home weekly until the demonstrations are over,only God knows when.

The inspector general of police on Sunday issued a stern warning to the public,warning anybody found demonstrating,armed with weapons will be arrested and taken to jail. None of this happened.

A church and a mosque in Kibera was set ablaze last night. This is where we are heading as a country if we won’t watch out. Anarchy shouldn’t be available in our vocabulary.We don’t need to know the essence of peace when we have lost it.

The invasion of former president Uhuru Kenyatta family private property,Northland city farm was uncalled for .Hundreds of goons who were ferried by buses to Kamakis area in Ruiru were captured on camera cutting down trees and stealing goats. Reliable sources reveal that over 1400 dorper goats estimated to be around 70 millions were stolen. It’s unfortunate that police officers visited the scene of crime today,24 hours after the incident.

Destruction of Uhuru’s property was widely shared because of his prominence. However ,many small scale traders who live on a hand to mouth basis suffer greatly from these demonstrations.

The excessive use of power by the police is uncalled for. This was evident when some of the press members were arrested but later released. We should not bar media freedom. We don’t want to go back to the dark days.

Kenyans should always put their collective priorities first and not an individual’s interest. Protesters should have a clear agenda,if it’s pushing the government to bring the cost of living down,then it be known.

The United States of America has so far alerted its citizens over the weekly countrywide demonstrations.