Willy Paul Pushes Album Release Date

Willy paul album

As the nation was waiting for Willy Paul’s,The African Experience album,to drop this month, the singer has done the unthinkable. He has postponed his second studio album release date. You may ask why?

According to a post he shared on his Instagram, disappointed Willy Paul shared his frustration about the unfortunate turn of event. Making it clear that the reason was due to unavoidable and unforseen issues.

Earlier,Bwana Mkunaji wanted his album to be the talk of town. We all know how our artists create a buzz when they are about to drop a song. Just to prepare their fans. Pozee is not near on this. However, nothing much was in the inter-webs of his album. A low gossip about a certain NRG radio presenter that never went viral. Then he dropped Ogopa Wasanii off his The African Experience Album, where he attacked various artists. The song has almost 39k streams on boomplay.

The singer has postponed his album to make it bigger and better. Having already revealed the tracklist of the songs to expect.

Willy Pozze Album comes when there are two albums in the market. Love Like This by Bahati comprising of ten songs. The album has garnered so far 7.9 million streams. The latest album is of Mr Seed,Black Child. With 11 songs,the album has 1.7 million streams. Though he might nit willing agree,this are the numbers that Willy Paul has to beat to command respect.

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