Mulamwah Makes U-turn About Baby Keilah


Mulamwah has made it a must to be all over, offline and online. This is a similar scenario we saw with Eric Omondi late last year. Is it time we do away taking seriously our comedians? That aside, Mulamwah has made a U-turn about his earlier stand about baby Keilah.

A couple if days ago, Mulamwah shared that Keilah is not her baby. This made netizens come up with lots of queries. Why would he agree to raise a kid not his. This was even gifting Carroll Sonie a 100k token for pushing.

Now the comedian has distanced himself from his earlier statement. This time rephrasing it.

Keilah is not my kid. Keilah is OUR kid. 
Sonie & Mulamwah

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